Hair Inc is the first salon in Singapore to specialize in anti-frizz treatment – hair texture control is our specialty.

Whether your hair is unruly & unmanageable due to damage from rebonding, colouring or simply natural selection, our experts will customize a solution for you.

At Hair Inc, we understand that everyone’s hair condition is unique and that’s why all our technicians were carefully chosen for their expertise in assessing, diagnosing and restoring damaged hair. We are home to an award-winning treatment program that has been proven to produce softer, straighter and shinier hair that lasts 3 to 6 months after ONE single session!  Our colouring solutions are also customizable to leave your hair softer and smoother after the prelightening and colouring processes!


Because we’ve seen the results.

Gone are the days when you have to straighten your hair by traditional rebonding techniques that destroy your hair then having to spend more on monthly treatments to repair the damage.

Our treatment actually works by pumping yummy nutrients into your hair, making it healthy and therefore straightening it with a soft and shiny finish In One Session. No follow-up treatments required.

You can have #silkysmoothhair @hairincsg all day, everyday. Call to book a free consultation today!

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Jameson Teh
Jameson TehStyle Director
ZammirLeading Stylist
Wei Long
Wei Long
David Yap
David Yap

Over the past few years, we have shown great results and received many positive reviews from our clients.

Thanks Kenneth – Director of Hair Inc. for fixing (style, highlights etc) my totally disastrous mop! Highly recommend Hair Inc.!!
Jane Ng
Ahhhhhh what a maestro! Thank you, Kenneth for my fresh cut and for this gorgeous ‘Silky Smooth’ anti-frizz treatment to soften my hair and my look. Feel like a million bucks!
Nikki Muller
The service provided there exceeded my greatest expectations. Good overall experience, great customer service and damn good looking hair.It’s not just a haircut anymore and these guys prove it!
Clover Bleu